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GeoSpectrum operates in the field of engineering geophysical surveys, geotechnics, geology and stability analysis In addition, provides services in the selection of geophysical methods and the scope of their work for optimal performance engineering tasks. Supervise and verify the results of the geophysical surveys performed by other contractors.

GeoSpectrum – Modern dual-antennas GPR

The company’s staff has certificate for the designing, supervising and execution of geophysical and geological works. For several years we performed the measurements, processing and interpretation for few thousands of kilometers in GPR profiling, tens of kilometers of seismic/resistivity profiling and several thousand points of gravity. The experience gained in both the academic research as well as industry ensures optimal selection of modern research techniques (during the measurement, data processing and interpretation) for a detailed diagnosis of the structure and geomechanical conditions.

Company for geophysical surveys uses modern equipment from branded manufacturers:

  • modern seismographs,
  • wiring and sensors (vertical, horizontal geophones – different frequencies (from 4,5 – 100 Hz), single or multi-channel active probe hydrophone,
  • single and multi borehole directional geophone probes,
  • landstreamer,
  • surface seismic energy sources: accelerated weight drop”, sledgehammer,
  • Borehole seismic energy sources: “P-Wave Source” and cross the “S-Wave Source” in the dry and water-filled boreholes,
  • surface and borehole GPR antennas with different frequencies, shielded/unshielded,
  • Automatic Systems for Resistivity and IP Imaging,
  • Ground Conductivity Meters.

GeoSpectrum – seismic seismograph Geode-24chStaff has also extensive experience in specialized geophysical software:

  • SeisImager/2D/SW Refraction and Surface Wave Data Analysis Software (including PickWin, Plotrefa, WaveEq, Geoplot (prod. OYO Corporation) for processing and visualisation of seismic refraction and MASW data,
  • ReflexW (Sandmeier) for processing and visualisation of seismic and GPR data,
  • Res2DInv (GEOTOMO SOFTWARE) for 2D Resistivity & IP Inversion,
  • IPI2Win for 1D Resistivity Inversion

Our assets are primarily high quality of services provided by experienced authorized engineers, rapid mobilization time and competitive price offer.

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