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In the so-called “large” exploration geophysics, at the initial stage, before the main seismic reflective surveys, there are carried out seismic wave velocity profiling for low-speed zones from the surface (refraction) and seismic carottage in “upholes” as well. The aim of such studies is to determine how changes seismic wave velocity in the continuously with depth, and the term of “The low-velocity zone – LVZ” associated with weathering of rock. These data are used at the stage of processing of test data reflective.

GeoSpectrum - Drilling machine on the location of uphole
GeoSpectrum - Seismic uphole

Drilling machine location (on the left) and “uphole” survey (on the right)

GeoSpectrum - Drilling machine during work for seismic survey
GeoSpectrum - Hole after mud escaping

Drilling (on the left) and hole after mud escaping (on the right)

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