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General offer of geological and geophysical services along with selected projects

Presents the issues of comprehensive reconnaissance of the soil by means of “shallow” engineering geophysics in correlation with traditional geological surveys

Includes issues related to the assessment of the technical condition of the surface and foundation of runways, aprons of airports, as well as motorways, roads, bridges and other communication routes

Recognition of the ground for underground objects such as foundations, walls, slabs, reinforcement, non-inventoried tunnels and rooms, as well as verification and mapping of infrastructure (pipes, cables)

Presents the forms of analysis of slopes in terms of stability for analytical and numerical methods, and in complicated cases also with the use of geophysical methods

Presentation of a wide range of geophysical surveys for the exploration, identification and exploitation of mineral deposits on the surface and in underground mines

The use of non-invasive, continuous geophysical methods in combination with point geotechnical investigations to determine the volume of landfills, post-mining dumps, deposits of raw materials and also uncontrolled embankments

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